Connecting with your Guardian Angels

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

One thing I am often asked or I often discuss with people is, “How do I communicate with my Guardian Angels, and how do I get them to help me?” Sometimes I will hear,

“Well my Angel must be on holiday or must have disowned me, because I suffer so much and always get bad luck!” Well this couldn’t be further from the truth…

Many believe they do not have Guardian Angels, because they keep facing hard times in their lives and they find it hard to believe they have Angels if they keep getting bad luck.

Well I am here to tell you that everyone has at least one Guardian Angel and yes they have been with us for all of our lifetimes and they are right there with us from birth to death. They are even there to assist with our crossing over to the next world, the other side, our next life…

Yes, they see and know you need help, and they would LOVE to help you! They want only good things for you, and to see you living in Love, Peace and Harmony. You first need to invite them into your life, and then you must communicate precisely with them… Be precise about what you need assistance with, and get to know them! Build a friendship with them, for they are absolutely the most honest, trustworthy, loving, caring friends you could ever have in your life, and they have been sitting there right beside you waiting patiently for you to begin communicating and opening the doors of Love and Friendship with them…

What a special day this is for you! … You are about to open the doors of

communication with your Guardian Angels, and you are about to invite loving help and assistance into your life! Now you will never have to go through anything alone… This should make you feel so much better!

The day I started communicating with my Angels was one of the best days of my life, now I am here to assist you and show you how to communicate with your Angels… I am here to tell you that you never have to go through anything alone ever again!

Your Guardian Angels love you so very much and they are there to help you with anything at all… there is no request that is too big or too small!

So go on… invite them into your life… they are right there and waiting ever so patiently. They have been there since birth, they have been with you in each and every lifetime you have ever lived, they see your future, they have been with you in all of your past lives and they will continue to be with you forever…

What sorts of things can my Angels help me with, you may ask???

Absolutely anything! Anything from helping you find a car park at the local shopping centre, to any bills you are having trouble paying, or even issues you may be having at home or at work, with a family member or friend, anything at all What is most important is not to worry about exactly how you will be helped, just know that once you have asked them to help you, you have been heard and you will be helped.

Once you have asked them to help you, let it go! … Don’t hold onto it any longer, you have asked them for help, now just give it over to them and TRUST that all will be heard and answered in miraculous ways. Holding onto it only prolongs the outcome… How can they help if you are still holding onto it inside??? LET IT GO ….

Please TRUST that what I am telling you is true and from the Heart!

Everything I write is from personal experience. It’s 100% HONEST and straight from my HEART & SOUL!!

I am here to teach others what I have learned from this life and from all of my past lives ~ the wisdom and growth, the knowledge and understanding. I communicate

with and work with higher powers each and every day of my life, and with the help of these beautiful beings of Love and Light I have gotten to where I am today. I never go through anything alone and I have Unconditional Help, Love and Guidance from these beautiful beings and I wouldn’t have it any other way...


The more you communicate with your Angels, the more you will get used to them being there.

I am now so accustomed to them being around me that they are a part of my everyday life…

I am always aware of them and they are the best, most honest and pure beings of Love and Light that I have ever known. I feel blessed to have them there right by my side,

Loving, Protecting & Guiding me each and every day. They are a part of me always and are there right by my side wherever I go...


How about we try a little exercise?

Next time you are about to go shopping or to a particular place where you will need a carpark near the front entrance, before you go say this:

“Dear Angels, I am about to go to (Insert name of place you are going). Could you please organise an empty car space out in front of (Name of place) so that when I arrive there I’m close to the main entrance and I don’t have to drive around looking

for a park??? Thank you.”

Always remember to thank them ~ as they work non-stop behind the scenes to help you with anything you ask of them...

Please don’t think that you are taking them away from someone else by asking them to help you, as helping is what they Love to do! They Love to help you so that you can live a more peaceful life… it’s just really nice to thank them as they work hard for

you and they do deserve a thanks from you and they really appreciate it.

©Leanne Berkseth 2021

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