A little bit on cutting cords

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Firstly I would like to talk a bit about psychic cords and cutting them along with a prayer to our beloved Archangel Michael...

I think it is so very important to cut cords as souls can latch onto you and can leave you feeling quite drained...

Cord Cutting

Cord Cutting Should be done on a daily basis or even more during the day if you suspect that a vampire has just attached those energy suckers to us… TRUST your intuition as it is always right, you just need to listen to it and not your head as it will try and tell you differently.

You can tell if someone has latched a cord onto you as you will be left feeling drained, negative, low in energy, moody, even unwell after someone has spoken to you... Get to learn your energy and notice how you feel around others energies...

(When I say vampire... I mean psychic vampire) one who likes to latch onto you via a psychic cord and drain your energy...

Cords should be cut from our loved ones also as they are usually the ones who love to suck the Love and Light out of us

there are good cords attached to us via our loved ones and it's important to keep the pure connections with the authentic ones in your life ...

Aura Chords

Aura Chords can emotionally bind you to another’s energy… these aura chords are chords of light that extend out from the Heart Chakra binding you to someone emotionally to someone that you love or had an intimate relationship or friendship

with, because there were emotions involved it is easy to bind ourselves to their heart and vice versa, then when the relationship ends we need to spiritually, emotionally, physically and spiritually sever these chords and seal and heal the chord ends…

These cords may be cut with a golden imaginary pair of scissors, once this process has been done, return the severed chord ends back to your own Heart Chakra and flood them with a Powerful Healing White Light, this will help you to get rid of any emotional hurt and pain

Below I have included a short prayer to Archangel Michael to help you sever those unwanted ties

An invocation to Archangel Michael to cut those cords

You may say something like

“Dear Archangel Michael, I call upon you now… Please assist me in cutting all cords that are attached to my being so that I am free of all cords of any kinds and so that there is no-one or nothing attached to me draining my energy” please keep any cords attached that are of unconditional love and are pure and authentic... Please rid of any cords that are attached that are causing me harm in any way or not aligned with my highest good.

Thankyou Archangel Michael... You are appreciated and I am grateful for your divine love and protection

Now visualise Archangel Michael swooping down and swinging his sword all around your entire being severing all cords that are harming you in any way

NO cord or cords can remain intact now and they are returning to where they came from

When you feel that Archangel Michael has completed this task please always remember to thank him for his assistance.

With love from Leanne Berkseth © 2021

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