Signs your Angels are near


~ You could see your pets behaving strangely, or even wild animals coming very close to you like birds, etc… also your domestic pets can come near you when you are upset and in need of cheering up.

~ You may hear a sentence on the television or a tune on the radio and feel the message was for you.

~ You may hear a bird near you sing a song ~ it’s important to stop what

you are doing and listen to the song, as the Angels are speaking to you and trying to get your attention.

~ You may see pictures of Angels in the clouds or see clouds form in the

shape of Angels.

~ You may receive a scent of a perfume or a flower aroma; this can signal the presence of Angels.

~ You may see coins and feathers upon your path; Angels will leave these to let you know that they are with you every step of the way.

~ You may feel Love inside a sudden onset of happy feelings and emotions.

~ You may feel a whoosh past your face a beautiful light breeze flowing

past you.

~ You could hear your name being called in a light Angelic voice; usually

you will hear this at the most unexpected time.

~ You may feel all tingly and warm; this is a beautiful feeling of the

presence of Angels

~ You may feel something play with your hair; it will be a gentle touch

followed buy a knowing that your Angels are near you.

~ You may see shimmer or glimmer out of the corner of your eye.

~ You may even hear Angelic chimes in the far distance; this is a beautiful

sound and is quite common.

~ You may even overhear a sentence or a few words spoken by total

strangers at the local shops and have a knowing that that message was for you...

~ You may capture pictures of orbs in photographs or videos.

~You may notice your favourite objects being moved in different positions.

~They might set off alarms or make our devices do weird things

There are many ways our Angels will try and communicate with us... You just need to open up to it. Sometimes a loved one's passing hurts us so much that we close ourselves off to the possibility that they are trying to communicate with us... When we are ready we will open our hearts to love once again and see evidence that our Angels never leave us and that they are always trying to get our attention... it's such a beautiful thing

Angels can come to you in your dreams; this is when we are most open when we are in a dream state. You may read a sentence in a local paper or magazine and know that that particular message was for you.

You may get all of these signs or you may only receive one or two of these

signs, the most important thing is remaining open and looking for these signs as they are letting you know that your Angels are with you every step of the way, wherever you may be on your Journey in life...

Please Note: You may get different signs than these even… these are not the only ways to know that your Angels are near, these are just ways that I know of from personal experience...

What signs do you get... Please feel free to add a comment below ... I'd love to hear about your wonderful connections with your Angels...

Written by Leanne Berkseth ©2021

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